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This Update is presented in the following Chapters:
  Preface more
A. New Evidence presented by Others.  
1. The AgnEf Seminar on 29/30.05.2000 in Stockholm  
1.1 The introduction more
1.2. The Independent Fact Group (IFG) more

The mating boxes of the bow ramp

1.2.2 The preventer wires of the bow ramp more
1.2.3 The bottom plating of the visor (recovery damage) more
1.2.4 The missing bow ramp rails more
1.2.5 The severe damage to the bulbous bow, port underside more
1.2.6 A hole in the hull more
1.2.7 The sinking scenario more
1.3. Conclusions more
2. The Rabe-Bemis Diving Expedition in August 2000 more
2.1 Evidence obtained by the divers more
2.1.1 The videos more
2.1.2 The metal samples more
2.2 The ROV videos more
2.3 The evaluation of the video material more
2.3.1 The condition of the wreck more
2.3.2 The surroundings of the wreck more
2.3.3 The bow ramp more The ramp hooks more
2.3.4 The starboard front bulkhead more
2.3.5 The port front bulkhead more
2.3.6 The bulbous bow more
2.3.7 The port side from 4th deck to the bilge keel including stabiliser more The forward opening into deck 1 more The port stabiliser more
2.3.8 The starboard side from the bilge keel to the seabed (mudline) including the stabiliser more Indication of a hole in way of the car deck more The starboard stabiliser more
2.3.9 The bottom more
2.3.10 The stern ramps more
2.3.11 Sundry more
2.4 Conclusions more
3.0 Again – The Visor more
3.1 The mysterious positions more
3.2 Why the visor was lying close to the wreck more
3.3 Indications for a changed visor position prior to the official “finding” more
3.4 Cause considerations concerning the damage inside the ramp house of the visor more
3.5 Conclusions more
4. The Evaluation of the Video RW/SEMI1/EST/D/011006 of 03.12.94 – Inspection of the 1st Deck including Alleyway in the Forepart more
4.1 Conclusion more
B. Introduction into the different Reports available on Explosions and Comments thereto by Brian Braidwood, MBIM, MIExpE  
5. Introduction more
6. The Material Testing Institute Brandenburg (hereafter called MPA) more
7. The DN Institute Clausthal-Zellerfeld (hereafter called Neubert) more
8. The Southwest Research Institute (hereafter called Southwest) more
9. The Federal Institute for Material Testing, Berlin (hereafter called BAM) more
10. The Department of Material and Medical Science Cranfield University, RNCS Skrivenham/UK (hereafter called Dr. Edwards) more
11. Summary and Conclusions more
11.1 Closing Remarks more
C. Other Investigations  
12. A Geotechnical Opinion on the Basis of the Underwater Documentation (ROV) of 29.08.00 by Dr. Jan Laue – Technical University, Zürich more
13. Again – The Finnish Videos – Critical Considerations and an Evaluation by Disengage – Ham/UK more
14. The “Plus” Project – The Prevented Attempt to Film the Wreck more
15. The “Rabe” Diving Expedition in August 2001 more
16. The Disruption of the Visor from the Vessel – Dr. Zenon Hirsch, Hamburg more
16.1 Conclusions more
17. Amended Considerations Concerning the Possible Sinking Scenario more
D. Further Information received from Sweden, Finland and Estonia after the Publication of our Report more
18. The Interrogation of the JAIC Key Witness Silver Linde before a Finnish Court more
18.1 Summary more
18.2 Conclusions more
19. Unknown Extracts from JAIC Protocols more
20. Further Details from the “Semi 1” Diving Expedition in December 1994 more
21. The Legend of the “Design Mistake” more
22. Secret Military Material on the “Estonia” – Disclosure by Lennart Henriksson – Head of Sea Customs ret., Stockholm – November 2004 more
22.1 The Hirschfeldt Inquiry more
23. The International Symposium on the Sinking of the “Estonia” at Tallinn – 27 September 2005 more
24. The Sinkingstudy initiated by the Swedish Government – March 2006 more
25. The Preliminary Investigation Report by Prosecutor Margus Kurm, Tallinn – April 2006 more
26. The Lars Ångström letter to Chancellor of Justice Göran Lambertz - September 2006 - and the Secret Diving Expedition during the first October half 1994 by Navy Divers more
27. The Order by the Swedish Government to the National Laboratory for Forensic Science to examine the ROV- and Diver-Videos for Manipulations – September 2006 more

The Report by the Investigation Committee
appointed by the Estonian Parliament – December 2006

29. The Evelyn Sepp Interview – December 2006 more
E. Corrections and Amendments to the Report more
F. Summary and Conclusions more