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  A. New Evidence
2. The Rabe-Bemis Diving Expedition in August 2000
2.3.4 The starboard front bulkhead - Page 1

This bulkhead – being most severely damaged – was filmed in great detail by the divers and extensive video footage is available because - contrary to the Rockwater divers in December 1994 - the divers in August 2000 did their very best to produce first class evidence on the condition of the vessel, i.e. also of the starboard front bulkhead.

The following explanations are to be read in connection with those outlined in our Report on pages 781 ff.
The newly available video footage allows a very detailed evaluation of the upper part of this bulkhead which so far had not been possible on the basis of the videos published by the JAIC. The drawing on the next page gives an overview of the area under investigation with the vessel being in upright condition and with the bow ramp missing to allow a closer look at the areas of interest.


Evidently there are two different areas with considerable damage, above and below B-deck. Whilst both areas appear burst open with the bulkhead bulged, the bulkhead in the upper area also shows extended openings (for the hydraulic and manual locking devices of the visor), where older cracks can be seen as well as newly cracked welding seams and cracked bulkheads.
It has to be noted that the damage to the longitudinal bulkhead between the void spaces above and below B-deck and the car deck is just indicated because the area in question was covered by pallets and other debris during the diving inspection in December 1994 and could therefore not be inspected by the divers in August 2000.

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