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  A. New Evidence
3. Again – The Visor
3.1 The Mysterious Positions

The wrong visor position is directly linked to the changing wreck positions as can be seen from the chart on the previous page. The handwritten explanations of the various numbers at the upper left corner are repeated below:

1.      “Tursas”     09.10.94
2.      “Tursas”     18.10.94

(1) Visor found according to logbook “Tursas”.
(2) Big object 10 x 7 m according to Lethola fax 09.10.94.
(3) Visor according to Finnish Navy.
(4) Visor picked up by “Nordica”.
(5) Finnish wreck position area searched by “Tursas” on 05.10.94 12.00 hrs. to 06.10.94  02.00 hrs.
(Lethola fax 06.10.94).
(7) Wreck position according to Lethola fax 30.09.94.
(8) Wreck position according to Sjöfartsverket’s tender conditions for diving operation.

The actual wreck position was subsequently verified by external, non-Finnish or non-Swedish governmental or military organisations, namely by Smit, Rockwater in December 1994, while the visor was exclusively handled by Finnish/Swedish governmental organisations. The offer made by the Norwegian Stolt Convex Seaway Company to engage their vessel “Seaway Commander”, one of the world’s most advanced vessels for underwater examinations, which was available spot prompt at Hangö, was rejected. Due to the fact that the search for the visor remained in the hands of the Finnish and Swedish Coast Guard/Navies and the F.B.N./JAIC, the visor was finally “found” on 18.10.94 by the Finnish Navy’s sonar expert Dr. Nuorteva and the Swedish Commander Tönnström onboard of the
Finnish Coast Guard vessel “Tursas” pictured below.


“Tursas” “found” the visor on 18.10.94. This fact leaves only one alternative conclusion: Either the expertise of the Swedish and Finnish Navies in the handling of sonar equipment is inferior to any other similar institution or the visor was not supposed to be found in time. The recovery operation was carried out one month later by the Finnish multipurpose icebreaker “Nordica”, owned and operated by the Finnish Board of Navigation (F.B.N.), a Government organisation same as the Swedish Sjöfartsverket, and by the Swedish Navy vessel “Furusund”. – See Enclosure 2.
It has to be assumed that in the course of this operation the visor was moved from its initial position, relatively close to the wreck to the “as-found” position more than 1000 m to the West of the wreck.

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