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  D. Further Information received from Sweden, Finland and Estonia after the Publication of our Report
Number Enclosure Size        
01 Declaration under oath by the divers Thomas Leidenberger and Hubert Hubal   download   pdf
02 A short report about the recovery of "Estonia's" bow visor (in Swedish)   download   pdf
03 MPA Report 1.3./00/3664 in German with English (office) translation   download   pdf
04 MPA Report 1.3./00/3669 in German with English (office) translation   download   pdf
05 Report Brian Braidwood dated September 2001   download   pdf
06 Memo MPA Brandenburg dated 08.02.2001   download   pdf
07 Letter DN Institute to Top Story dated 12.02.2001   download   pdf
08 MSc Thesis on "The Effect of Explosives on Materials",
by Daniel D. R. Lund - Year 2000
  download   pdf
09 "Geotechnical Considerations as to the Results of the Underwater Documentation"
by Dr.-Ing. Jan Laue, Zürich/Rösrath - January 2001
  download   pdf
10 Disengage - Investigation Report - December 2001   download   pdf
11 Letter of the Finnish JAIC to Dipl.-Ing. Bernard Meyer, dated 21.07.00 (in German)   download   pdf
12 Protocol of the Video meeting at Helsinki - 31.07./01.08.2000   download   pdf
13 Letter of the Finnish JAIC to Henrik Gahmberg dated 20.02.2001   download   pdf
14 "Originalband Estonia" - dated 29.11.1995   download   pdf
15 Some legal questions concerning the 'Estonia' accident - dated 28.05.1996   download   pdf
16 Protocol of Silver Linde's interrogation on 08.11.2001   download   pdf
17 Letter Tuomo Karppinen to Knut Carlqvist dated 04.07.2001   download   pdf
18 Letter Tuomo Karppinen to Andi Meister dated 10.10.1997   download   pdf
19 "SEMI 1" Personnel on Board List of 30.11.1994   download   pdf
20 "SEMI 1" Personnel on Board List of 01.12.1994   download   pdf
21 "SEMI 1" Personnel on Board List revised of 01.12.1994   download   pdf
22 "SEMI 1" Personnel on Board List of 02.12.1994   download   pdf
23 "SEMI 1" Personnel on Board List of 03.12.1994   download   pdf
24 "SEMI 1" Personnel on Board List of 04.12.1994   download   pdf
25 "SEMI 1" Personnel on Board List of 05.12.1994   download   pdf
26 Interview Carl Bildt   download   pdf
27 Interview Jonas Hafström   download   pdf
28 Interview Commander Emil Svensson   download   pdf
29 Summary and Evaluation of interviews with Lennart Henriksson, Stig Sandelin, Alexander Einseln, Öve Victorin, Erik Rossander and Werner Hummel by Knut Karlqvist   download   pdf
30.1 On-line publication PRAVDA   download   pdf
30.2 On-line publication SPACE WAR   download   pdf
31 On-line publication "Aftonbladet" (2 Articles)   download   pdf
32 Hirschfeldt Report   download   pdf
33 Kurm Report   download   pdf
34 Statement Hakon Bergmark   download   pdf
35 Lars Ǻngström letter dated 12.09.2006   download   pdf
36 The diappeared "Estonia-films" - Aftonbladet-online - published 22.11.2006   download   pdf
37 Dissenting Opinion to the Final Report of the Committee of Investigation by Evelyn Sepp   download   pdf
38 Article of the German Magazine “FerryCompass”   download   pdf
39 Report of the Riigikogu Committee of Investigation (Estonian Parliament)   download   pdf
40 Interview with Evelyn Sepp by Martin Roolvink   download   pdf
All Alle Enclosures   download   ZIP
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