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  A. New Evidence
2. The Rabe-Bemis Diving Expedition in August 2000
2.3.4 The starboard front bulkhead - Page 2

The image to the right – dated August 2000 – shows the bow ramp in the foreground and the lower part of the damage to the upper starboard front bulkhead.

The same damages can be seen on the image below. The camera is looking from the so much enlarged opening for the hook of the manual securing of the visor upwards to the upper damage of the front bulkhead.



1 = lower part of upper damage, where the big metal flap which has been cut off by third parties (see page 73 below) had initially been positioned

2 = bow ramp – starboard outer longitudinal girder and 2nd transverse girder (from the top)

3 = broken and bent up hp-profile (subsequently cut by diver as sample 2)

4 = lug of hydraulic side locking device of visor

5 = upper part of the enlarged and cracked opening of the manual locking device of the visor – called “typical metal petalling” by explosion experts

6 = the compressed steel caused by the lug (4) when the visor was pushed upwards
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