mmaries of All Available Statements of Passengers and Crew


Summaries of Passengers Statements



Name Location at heel Pre-casualty observations Noise scenario times/observations Heel Observations during way up Subsequent observations
time/0° righting up ? occurrence
Ewa Askerup (Stockholm) Police-ST Section cabin 6129 in bed water smashed against windows could not sleep due to hard movements of vessel just after 01.00 hrs. heel to starboard then to port and again heavily to starboard

just after 01.00 hrs.


no comment


everything moved against the door


Nikolajs Andrejev from Latvia







cabin 1016







in bed very hard movements of vessel















no comment








1) thrown out of bed (lower);

2) unbelievably hard bang which threw him against wall, cannot say from where bang came, had feeling that vessel had collided with something;

3) shortly after bang heel to starboard.

saw and felt cold water on car deck level vessel heeled severely to star-board






45° angle when reaching deck 7







Antti Arak (Tallinn)


cabin 1056


last car to roll on board, they were a party of 5, one stayed in the car

no comment




no comment


was awakened by screams, out of cabin and saw water on floor

Pär Andersson (Granges/Sweden)




cabin 4319




nothing special until mid-night, took outside/inside walk around after midnight, also looked down on fore-castle, saw wet carpet and water on stairs between decks 5/6

1) between 24.00-01.00 hrs. heavy metallic banging noises;

2) at 01.05-01.10 hrs. engine stopped (estimate).






no comment





reported heavy heel only when they were already on deck 7 with many people



bow raised, stern sank




Janno Aser (Tallinn)


Night Club deck 4 (port, aft)

vessel was shaking/ vibrating


no comment




no comment


felt sudden heel to starboard, saw furniture moving rapidly

no comment


45° when on deck 7


Karin Bergqvist (Sogärs/Sweden)



cabin on deck 4 and Karaoke Bar (deck 5)

Jonnie Bergqvist (Johaneskov/ Sweden) Policeman ST Section



cabin 6119

Pub on deck 5 (Pub Admiral) mid-ships, star-board side

vessel was pitching very hard




shaking/vibrating, bar personnel took bottles from the shelves



just after 01.00 hrs.




vessel heeled to port, then a hard push and bang, then severe heel to star-board, all loose objects were flying to the deep side


Name Location at heel Pre-casualty observations Noise scenario times/observations Heel Observations during way up Subsequent observations
time/0° righting up ? occurrence

Leif Bogren (Fåssberg/Sweden) Mazda bus with trailer









cabin 5128 (4th cabin from forward port, inside)







normal cracking, banging noises of vessel in heavy weather, at 24.00 hrs. was on foredeck (7), saw fantastic cascades of water, speed was too high under the circumstances, 23.30 hrs. (?) to bed





1) suddenly low banging noise, metallic;

2) 30-60 seconds later bang; 3) after 40-60 seconds loud bang (metallic), appeared to him as if a hull plate was smashed in;

4) 1-2 minutes later engines stopped;

5) 1-2 minutes later sudden heel to starboard (was already on way up).

ca. 00.40 /45 hrs.






ca. 00.55 hrs.



had been working at shipyard before and is thus sure that the heavy metallic noise he heard two or three times within ca. 2 minutes was as if something was beating with a huge hammer against vessel's hull



5 minutes up to deck 7, 45° starboard










Stephan Duijndam (Ablasserdam/ Holland)


cabin 4221


high sea state 23.00 hrs. to bed


01.00 hrs. woke up from noise as if vessel had collided with something, heard several crashing/ cracking noises there-after

ca. 01.00 hrs.


vessel heeled to starboard so that he was thrown out of his (upper) bed to the floor


chaos every-where, officer in white shirt with walkie-talkie on 7th deck



Per-Erik Ehrnsten



cabin 6304



woke up from hard bang, and heard thereafter in regular intervals 4-5 times "tong-tong, etc.", pause and again, got up and dressed




vessel heeled 25-30° and did not right up


saw Silver Linde and two crew inside deck 7 (max. 5 min. after heel), one was the 2nd engineer, two had walkie-talkies, Silver Linde reported into the walkie-talkie about water in the ship ca. 30 minutes list between 30-50°; engines were stopped at 50-60° light out and on again, saw 2 vessels which did not come closer, saw port stabiliser, saw bow ramp closed or almost closed
Håkan Ekstedt (Karlstad/Sweden) Statoil employee cabin 5205 felt the sea state already at 21.30 hrs. at dinner to bed before 01.00 hrs., heavy pitching ca. 01.20 hrs. woke up when vessel heeled to starboard and everything moved to the side heel no. 2 to 45°
Marianne Ehn (Uppsala/Sweden) cabin 6222 21.30 hrs. to bed woke up from beating noises, called husband who said it was 01.00 hrs. ca. 01.00 hrs. vessel dove into deep wave trough, small heel and then the abrupt heel to starboard and everything .... the engines stopped vessel heeled violently
Christer Eklöf (Sollefteå/Sweden) cabin 4219 truck driver in restaurant on 6th deck (presumably Restaurant Poseidon) trucks were so close that the mirrors had been bent inside, no securings wind and sea from port side, was sitting after 00.30 hrs. at the exit port side, some minutes after 01.00 hrs. bow rose/sank 2-3 times, vessel behaved differently and a fatal minute later fell to starboard ca. 01.02/03 hrs. yes
Name Location at heel Pre-casualty observations Noise scenario times/observations Heel Observations during way up Subsequent observations
time/0° righting up ? occurrence
Brigitte Eriksson (Södersbyn/ Sweden) cabin 5229 ca. 24.00 hrs. vessel began to labour, husband wanted to make round, but returned silently after some minutes and also went to bed heard noises of metal beating against metal, directly thereafter the vessel heeled to star-board husband caught Birgitte from falling out of bed, left cabin in great hurry, husband always pushing her
Anders Ericson (Karlskoga/ Sweden) cabin 4131 port side forward 23.15 hrs. to bed, high sea state, vessel shaking/ vibrating, impossible to sleep 21.00 hrs. on bridge course 262° wind: 20 m/sea ca. 01.00 hrs. suddenly two heavy bangs, one after the other, got up and dressed, noises came close to his cabin ca. 01.00 hrs. left cabin and walked aft, after ca. 20 sec. vessel heeled slightly to star-board, kept walking aft to centre stairway, vessel heeled more, walked upstairs to deck 6 when vessel suddenly heeled to ca. 30°, continued to deck 7
Mats Finnanger (Foslandsen/ Norway) 12 years old cabin 1002 was thrown out of his bed, same happened to his father managed to reach deck 7 lost his whole family
Maria Fågersten (Huddinge/Sweden)Stockholm Police ST-Section cabin 6107but was in Karaoke Bar (5th deck) heavy pitching, shaking/ vibrating of vessel, at 00.45 hrs. the casualty sequence began, glasses above the bar fell out of their holdings, suddenly everything slid to one side - clock above the bar showed 01.05 hrs. 01.05 hrs. yes vessel fell on the side, very rapidly people were thrown against the wall, she could hold onto the bar 'the ship came over me'
Name Location at heel Pre-casualty observations Noise scenario times/observations Heel Observations during way up Subsequent observations
time/0° righting up ? occurrence
Tomas Grunde (Stockholm)Manager Statoil Karaoke Bar 1st bang from forward and vessel heeled, more heavy banging from forward, vessel heeled heavily to port ca. 01.15 hrs. light out/on
Erik Gemheden (Tuskvarna/ Sweden)member of Bible School cabin 1026but was in corridor on way aft on deck 6 vessel was labouring heavily and suddenly heeled, more and more quickly, vessel was shaking he was thrown against the bulk-head - starboard side one foot on deck, the other on the wall heard "Mayday, Mayday" from loudspeakers
Jan Grafström (Djursholm/Sweden) Policeman ST-Section cabin on 6th deck Karaoke Bar just after 01.00 hrs. severe heel and up to deck 7, 30°
Nebosja Grkovic cabin 6217(with Rolf Sörman) was on outer deck at 22.00-23.00 hrs.and looked onto forecastle was alone in cabin, heel came without any warning, left to starboard side ca. 01.00 hrs. yes vessel heeled, righted up and heeled again jumped into the sea from star-board side, Estonian sailor stayed on board
Tåge Hellgren Policeman ST-Section cabin 6126Karaoke Bar reported nothing no 1st heel to ca. 20°, did not right up, thereafter step by step until on the side after 20 minutes lights went out after 5-10 minutes and came back - after 20 minutes black out
Kent Härstedt cabin 4316until 24.00 hrs. at 24.00 hrs. woke up from a muffled sound which was nevertheless "heavy", as if something moved from side to side and crashed with force against the hull - he felt uneasy and joined his colleagues in the Pub Admiral yes after ca. 30 min. at the bar: vessel rolled 2-3 times, lots of bottles were falling off the shelf, vessel righted up and then fell to the starboard side 45° met Sara Hedrenius and they helped each other
Name Location at heel Pre-casualty observations Noise scenario times/observations Heel Observations during way up Subsequent observations
time/0° righting up ? occurrence
Altti Hakanpää cabin 1047 Karaoke Bar at about 24.00 hrs. when he was in Restaurant Poseidon the vessel was twice shaken heavily, dancing girls in the Karaoke Bar fell, etc., the vessel heeled ca. 45° ca. 01.25 hrs. see memo interview Jutta Rabe see memo interview Jutta Rabe
Sara Hedrenius Café Neptunus (near Paul Barney) asleep since ca. 21.30 hrs. but felt the hard movements woke up from 2 heavy bangs which made the vessel shake (thought they had hit a rock), vessel moved up and down, she fell back (half) to sleep, but not for long, then the heel no no see WH interview see WH interview stern was higher than bow at first, which later changed when bow rose and stern went down
Mats Hillerström cabin 1027on 6th deck in the open, aft of Restaurant Poseidon hard movements, pitching and rolling, 2-3 times on forepart deck 7 and looked down onto forecastle, last time ca. 22.30 hrs., search light was on nothing heard, "SILJA EUROPA" abeam, "MARIELLA" aft of abeam, vessel had been slamming since 00.30 hrs., on deck 6 aft 01.20 hrs. (est.) yes vessel heeled wide to starboard, righted not fully, continued to heel heel was too big to walk up, pulled himself up the rail to star-board side and up the stairs to deck 7 - there was then only 1 Estonian crew member (ESTLINE on his back) looked over the port side and saw 1) vessel turning to port 2) some fine just out of water (heel ca. 25°) 3) slow speed
Jukka Pekka Ihalainen truck driver (had previously been with Coast Guard/Navy at Russarö) cabin 4212 4th deck shared cab-in with Leo Sillanpää (() to bed 22.30 hrs., woke up from radio music at 00.32 hrs., turned it down and slept again woke up again shortly afterwards from three bangs, that engines were reduced and then stopped vessel heeled engines were stopped and the vessel drifted with wind and sea, the other two ferries were at port, ca. 30° aft of abeam Silja and Viking ferries at port side (could not believe that "E" had changed course after the heel), both vessels continued on their course and speed, met Per-Erik Ehrnsten in life-raft
Vilho Itäranta aft part of 6th deck, possibly cabin 6334 early to bed (upper bed), heard strange propeller noise (as if propeller rising above water level at each pitch movement) climbed down from his upper bed and was about to put back the ladder when the big heel occurred the heel occurred in steps "Mayday, May-day" over loud-speakers

water was spraying from the highest point of the bridge

Name Location at heel Pre-casualty observations Noise scenario times/observations Heel Observations during way up Subsequent observations
time/0° righting up ? occurrence
Sten Jolind cabin 5135 was up on deck 7 and overlooking forecastle several times, heard heavy bangs, thought vessel was too fast at 24.00 hrs. to bed. between 00.00-01.00 hrs. 2 or 3 really heavy bangs from forward (heavier and louder than before), got up and dressed when he had just opened the door the vessel heeled, everything slid against the door no one was in the alleyway at first, vessel heeled stepwise
Ain-Alar Juhanson small Mercedes bus - one of the last cars cabin 1056 was sleeping and heard frequent hard bangs hard metallic bang and vessel heeled jumped out of door into water in the alleyway
Tom Jonsson one of the 68 policemen cabin 4405 just after 01.00 hrs. no came out of toilet when vessel heeled, up normal, water smashed against cabin window (starboard side)
Morten Boje Jensen (Copenhagen) cabin 4603 vessel was labouring more and more ca. 23.40 hrs. in bed , ca. 00.00 put out light, no sleep, small banging noise combined with pitching, then 3 bangs, very hard, after the 2nd one car alarm went off no sudden heel to ca. 45°, simultaneously something big moved below from starboard to port found alleyway blocked by steel bars towards Reception
Ülo Kikas deck passenger Night Club ca. 01.15 hrs. vessel rolled from port to starboard when on deck 7, 30° heel, engines stopped
Jürgen Korjas cabin 1022 toilet near Night Club hard movements no suddenly the vessel fell to one side came out of toilet door and saw crack in ceiling out of which water was spraying

saw 2 vessels, one to the left, the other one astern, after ca. 30 minutes the vessel was aside

Name Location at heel Pre-casualty observations Noise scenario times/observations Heel Observations during way up Subsequent observations
time/0° righting up ? occurrence
Neemi Künno Kalk cabin 1122 went to cabin at 21.00 hrs. and was reading until 23.30 hrs. awakened by rust-ling sound and saw from way his jacket was hanging that the heel was ca. 45° water on car deck level
Margus Karmet truck driver cabin 4224 trucks and trailers were secured by belts, was one of the first trucks to drive on board to bed ca. 23.30 hrs., heard strange cracking noises in the structure, woke up from some unusual noise woke up when his head smashed against the wall due to heavy heeling the ramp was missing
Marek Kaasik deck passenger heavy movements about 1 hour before, heavy bangs and vessel shaking in whole structure, heard metallic noises from above no vessel heeled over 45° heard start of emergency generator
Ints Klavins cabin 1024 in bed woke up from dangerous noise caused by metal scratching over vessel's bottom
Leja Kozareva in alleyway near toilets deck 5
Vasili Krjutjkov cabin 6230 or 6320 together with son-in-law/nephew

woke up from vessel shaking violently and slight heel, then another shock, shaking and heeling

Name Location at heel Pre-casualty observations Noise scenario times/observations Heel Observations during way up Subsequent observations
time/0° righting up ? occurrence
Eckard Klug truck driver cabin 4214 23.45 hrs. to bed heard metallic knocking noises no powerful metallic blow, got up, when he was outside the cabin the vessel heeled when on deck 7 30° heel - there were already 3 persons, 1 crew in white shirt
Lars-Olof Lamke cabin 6223 00.00 hrs. to bed 01.00 hrs. woke up, slight heel, soon thereafter heavy heel cabin door blocked, 45° when at deck 7 washed over when vessel was on the side, wrist watch damaged at 01.31 hrs.
Tambet Herbert Lausma - truck driver cabin 1023 woke up from some bang and vessel heeled water on car deck level
Magnus Lindström cabin 4429 early to bed, difficult to sleep due to movements heard rolling noise from below (car deck), ca. 01.00 hrs. he heard tooth brush fall out of glass and other things falling ca. 01.00 hrs. heavy metal bang followed by the heeling
Yngve Lien deck pas-senger in cinema in aft part of deck 4 heard a noise and the vessel heeled 30° when on deck 7, later stabilised itself
Kalvet Maiko deck passengers behind their car there was max. space for 3 more cars woke up when vessel .......... water splashed up against window
Andrus Maidre cabin 1022 metallic scraping noises crashing ........ noise of heavy falling and heeling saw through open car deck door a lot of water on car deck some water in centre casing on car deck